Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Etsy Finds -- for those of you who like fringe...

Show update: Well, we didn't exactly "rock" but we got a 68% on Test 1 and a 71% on Test 2. Videos to come!

More finds! You can search their names on to find their stuff...


Baked perfection




  1. Personally, I think a 68% and a 71% are pretty rocking! Looking forward to a more complete report and,of course, the videos.

  2. Test scores? What do you mean, "not great"?? Better than a poke in the eye any way you look at it AND this is your first outing in how long?? Love the earrings and the fringe and all. Etsy has some lovely stuff. Such talented folks with keen stuff to sell.

    Looking forward to the videos--and stop being so hard on yourself!


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