Monday, June 18, 2012

Dressage mule kicks ass (at third level)

Heart B Porter Creek, a mule who competes in Oregon, recently won all of his third level classes with scores in the sixties. There's a new video, an article in the Chronicle of the Horse, and a growing fan base!

Another Article


  1. Hey, I recognize that arena! I've showed there (DevonWood in Sherwood, OR) many times. Haven't seen Porter in person (isn't he awesome?), but I did see his full sister this spring and she's just as nice (but not as far along). Makes me want a mule just like them!

  2. How cool! Last time you posted a link of them I think they had just moved up to second level. She commented that he was not uphill enough and some work she was doing with him. You can see that his balance has really improved and his topline has improved a LOT. He's developing cadence in his trot and suspension in his canter - I can see why she's beating horses, because he's developing the way a dressage animal is supposed to!

  3. That is one hellf a nice mule! I was blown away by that! I've never seen a mule look so much like a horse and totally beast it like that.

    Minus what looks like a fake tail...heh heh heh

  4. I have seen him compete at Devonwood (where this was filmed) and he is adorable! Looks like a good even-tempered fellow who loves his job. :)

  5. What a lovely ride. And the ears just add to the whole picture, mostly because they are so relaxed, happy, yet listening.

    Just goes to show you don't need a big fancy warmblood horse to ride a great dressage test. I love things like this and it looks to me as if Porter has the potential to keep on moving on up the levels.

  6. Hey, I'll tell you what, those walk turns on the hindquarters were better than MOST of the PSG horses I saw the other night! REALLY nice. He looks so supple and obedient (only iffy parts I thought were the changes, which he looked a bit cranky about). That was fun to watch, thanks for sharing!


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