Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A new Pikeur Scarlett jacket (and my cash is Gone with the Wind)

Pikeur Scarlett
A note a propos nothing
In keeping with my efforts to share Ann Romney-inspired news coverage of dressage,  there is an NPR radio segment on dressage. It was covered one of NPR's writers who competes in dressage on a Quarter Horse.  You can listen to the audio file stored on the NPR web site...

Now back to our regularly scheduled blather...
So, I went to Gladstone to the Festival of Champions, and naturally I visited the vendor area. Having signed up for three horse shows in June and July, I was thinking about my show attire and whether it is still viable. At the Skylands Saddlery booth (great shop!) I was immediately drawn to the new Pikeur Scarlett jacket -- it's lightweight, washable, and shorter than the traditional dressage jacket. While it's hard to call a Pikeur jacket a necessity (esp. when you already own a Pikeur Diana), this jacket appealed to the practical and comfort-minded side of me. I had my credit card with me, and on the drive over I was listening to the weather forecast for the coming week -- temps hitting 98 degrees. It seemed like a justifiable purchase.

So.... I'm now the owner of a navy (not pinstripe!)   with a blue velvet collar. Did I mention I already own a Pikeur Diana? I love the Diana for the aesthetic, but it is wool, and while the longer length is flattering, I keep sitting on the back of the coat when I ride.

Diana for Sale
Anyone interested in a really lovely Pikeur Diana jacket, size 8 tall (US size), black? I probably wore it 20 times and it could pass for new. It is wool, but it's a classic, impeccably tailored, and flattering. Truly it looks better on me than the Scarlett (when something totally covers your a**, how can you go wrong?) -- but they're both nice.  My loss could be your gain!

Pikeur Diana retails for $469 at Dover


  1. Your link went to a dead end for me, but I found the report via a Google search. They did a nice job of defining dressage for people who know nothing about the sport. Thanks for alerting me to this.

    I already have a Diana, in fact two. The second one is lightweight and washable.

    The Scarlett looks lovely and a really nice option if you were sitting on your Diana. It's so hard to find nice coats that are comfortable and suit. Pikeur seems to have found the right combinations for the market.

  2. I am sooo jealous that you are at Gladstone. I hoped to have been there the first week of June for the CDE. Staying for dressage would have been fun too. Considering a very good and dear friend of mine lives just minutes away... *sigh*

  3. I had the same problem with the Diana. I got the tall for my ape-like arms, but I'm short-waisted and sat on it until I had it hemmed. Alas, as I no longer compete in dressage I found it a new home via eBay.

    I do love the shorter jackets but wow, they do emphasize my ever-growing butt!

  4. I have to have this jacket now! It looks so good!

  5. Jealous of your Skarlett! I've been looking at purchasing that exact color too, navy with a black collar. Someday...

  6. How much are you asking for your Diana? I might be interested if it is still for sale! akhaleventer@gmail.com


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