Friday, June 22, 2012

I can't not post this

It ain't new, but it is good. I have not seen anyone put these two videos conveniently together. Very cute, and the kind of coverage we need. Humorous! And for the record, after watching Tina's ride, I was ready to fist-pump and woot-woot!

 Colbert Report on Dressage, "the sport of the summer" (click on link if video below is not working):
 Canadians, click here!

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And the USDF response...


  1. first video is aparently not available in Canada.

    i wonder is Budweiser is a sponser in the second... hmmmmmm

  2. First link was broken briefly, should work now...

  3. It does not work in Canada :( oh well. The second video was funny though.

  4. Unfortunately a lot of American media is not available to Canadians online. It is all blocked due to copywrite issues. Here is a link that will work for Canadians.

    I loved the USDF response!

  5. Brilliant work from the USEF (and the new link for The Colbert Report worked beautifully for this Canadian).

  6. I've been following this story from the start. Dressage is now the official, "Sport of Summer" whooohoo! Don't know exactly what that means but if Colbert does for dressage what he did for speedskating, we are finally in for a fun Olympic run.

  7. Love dressage and Steven Colbert. He is the funniest.

  8. I guess this means I need to desensitize my mare to big red #1 fingers ringside?


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