Saturday, June 23, 2012

Show Schedule, so far...

Riley has been awesome. Keep it up dude!
Okay, spurred on (so to speak) by some good initial scores for the season, I have begun to plan my summer show schedule...
  • June 26: Bucks County Horse Park (BCHP) Tuesday evening dressage, Training 1 &  2
  • July 1: USDF/EF Recognized Show at BCHP, Training 2 &  3
  • July 8: Heart's Journey Farm in Wind Gap, PA, ESDCTA Schooling show, Training 2 &  3
  • July 15: Springfield Farm LVDA Schooling Show, Training 2 &  3
  • August 5: Rhythm and Blues Schooling Show (I'm secretary for this show too), Training 2 & 3 OR 
  • August 3 & 4: Dressage at the Ranch, USDF Recognized Show, Gladstone NJ (August 3 &  4)
  • August 19: USDF/EF Recognized Show at BCHP, Training 2 &  3
  • August 31-Sept 1: Dressage at Stone Tavern, in Allentown, NJ  
  • Sept 19:  Dressage at Dunmovin in West Chester, PA


  1. Wow, that's lots of shows! Although, the more shows you go to the better you get at it and the more relaxed you and Ri will be. Do you have rides to all of these or do you have your own rig?

  2. I have a hauler -- fortunately most of the shows are not far away at all. Can't afford a rig or a tow vehicle!

  3. Have to get to the Horse Park to cheer you on!!

    Looks like the kind of schedule I used to follow in my competition days. Glad to know there are so many shows around within a nice distance.

  4. That is a lot of comps! It will be very good for you both. I did six comps in two months this last season (Australia) and I was knackered by the last one! You are so lucky to have them all close by.

    Are you planning on having a go at the next level (think you call it First Level) towards the end of the comps?

    I'm looking forward to reading how it all goes for you. Good luck!


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