Friday, June 8, 2012

If only Harvey was owned by MY Harvey

At a starting bid of $268 (bids went above $600), my only shot at owning this would be to know the manufacturer -- but Harv never involved himself in retail manufacturing (or the service sector, for that matter). Unless he liquidates some of his offshore holdings, I'm unlikely to benefit from Harv's smart investments. Those of you who know my taste for multicolored jeweltone things will know how covetous I am of this bag.


  1. Very cute..especially since your horse is named Harvey. There are all sorts of sites that sell the could make your own and stencil Harv's name! Anybody asks ..well it's a homage to your Harv!

  2. Make one! it looks quite simple...

  3. I agree, it could easily be made to look very similar.


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