Saturday, June 9, 2012

Oh, Dear (Deer?) Dressage

 You know what's coming. Fast forward to 4:09 to see the little visit/tour of the dressage ring :-) ...



  1. The suspension on the trot of that doe was beautiful. She'd make a great dressage prospect.

    But, she would have been disqualified for jumping the boundary ...

  2. That horse should get extra points for staying so calm.

  3. Am I glad that I wasn't riding that test!! My Boys are convinced deer are dangerous attack beasts, best treated with, the evasive "buck and flee!!" (No pun intended. Hence, we call deer "fangtails" because they are just as dangerous running away with their tails in the air.)

    My biggest dressage distractions were my "duck deduction" when a little flock wandered into the arena and the famous, "stretch down cat assistant" when the barn cat entered and lead my horse across the diagonal at the free walk.

    That little horse in the video was an absolute angel to be so quiet and calm about the whole thing. That is a video to treasure and a horse to treasure as well.

  4. Other judgements aside, what a nice steady horse to stand so quietly then go right back to work.


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