Friday, June 29, 2012

Neckwear: Chokers for the dressage ring Part II

I'm half-inclined to just cross over to the dark side and just get a few nice chokers -- simple, sleek and not at all fussy. I like the direction that Essex shirts it taking the classic ratcatcher from hopelessly preppy to... Well, still preppy, but with a twist.  Have you seen their wrap collars?

My fave!

Bling! from
Stable Cloth  is my favorite, they have a build-your-own shirt with all customization options. Pricey but fun-fun-fun.
Happy shopping, guys....


  1. Wait-so you can wear chokers in dressage shows? This would be amazing, since I a) think I look better in them anyway and b) don't much like tying stock ties. Like, at all.


  2. Those dickies are lovely. Be sure to take along a shirt as well, though, in case jackets are waived.

    When I was a teen a trainer friend in her 20s wore nothing under her jacket but a stock. She did spend one horrible day in her jacket as others happily rode in their shirts. OOPS! Forgot her back-up shirt!


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