Thursday, July 5, 2012

First recognized show: "We was robbed!!!"

A rare moment when my position is helping Ri balance
Oh, the title "We was robbed!!!"? Totally kidding :-)

First attempt at Training 3
If I felt we were underrated (with our score of 64.2%), it was because I was so, so proud of Ri. Each of our two rides (Training 3 and 2) was a blast.  He was animated but listening and willing, and he "offered" some of the best trot work we've had to date. I think I was so jazzed at how good he felt that I lost my focus.

I did hear some scuttlebutt that the judge is very conservative with scores and that this judge likes the number 6. :-) The highest score in the training division was a 65%.

 Um, no video of our best effort (again)
Bob (who was on time and on his game) grappled with a camera malfunction ("disk full" message when disk was most certainly not full). He missed our first test, but was able to format the drive, and successfully record  our "lesser" test of the day, Test 2.

A rundown of our first attempt at Test 3:
  • 8 on stretchy walk
  • 7 on first serpentine (I was very worried about this)
  • 6.5 on canter  across the diagonal to trot at X (was afraid we would barrel right through X)
  • No 5s
  • 7 on gaits
  • Comment: Attractive, elegant horse, relaxed and forward ride. Work on suppling over the back. Enjoy this kind of horse."
In both tests, my position came and went. We still did not fix our canter departs. I waaaaay overshot the centerline coming down to our last halt. We broke from canter for a stride during our right lead canter. Our trot to halt was abrupt. If these things sound familiar, it is because they are familiar! I keep making these mistakes and it costs  points.

In my heart I thought we deserved a higher score -- really I did -- just based on how it felt.  But the truth is, you don't make the above mistakes and get a score like that. So I will take my score and read the comments and be grateful for a very good, very fun day.

70%? Maybe next time!


  1. That's the spirit!!!!! Glass half full!! :)

  2. Unless you are riding in a show with more than one judge, it's impossible to compare scores from one judge to the next. There is a great deal of subjectivity involved and standards vary slightly from judge to judge, especially in those "middle range scores" from 6-7. The difference can be very subtle.

    Not making those mistakes certainly will help, but if the winning scores were a 65%, then you were in good stead with what you earned.

    And the comments from the judge were really positive!

  3. I think your comments are great for several reasons. First, you are examining your ride in its parts (trot to halt abrupt, right canter break), and that will help you concentrate more the next time you school. You have specific things to work on in your next lesson or clinic, too, and when you show again, you'll have specific things in mind to prepare for so you can avoid them or FIX them before the movement occurs or when they start to "go south." Keep up the good work. ;o)

  4. That score is nothing to be disappointed with. Yes, sometimes the rated show scores bring us back to earth and it it true that judging and scores vary. Keep up the good work!

  5. Great ride! I would definitely be happy with that score, especially if the high score was a 65%. I like a consistent judge even if she is tough. Then you know that you really earned those good marks.


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