Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Training 1, June 26: Riley

This is training level test 1, and we got a 68% despite some real problems with C-A-N-T-E-R.


  1. Can't really see Riley in this video. It is loading too big and only half the video shows on the screen. So I am seeing mostly empty arena this time. Sorry.

  2. Ok, I just loaded the blog in Firefox instead of Chrome and I could see it!!

    Nice, essentially, but I do see the canter in that trot. I get the feeling overall that Riley needed to be altogether more forward into the bit in this test. I suspect he was a little more tired. That canter break was a bit of an escape from the trot, but it was actually kind of a nice depart. On his required departs he came up a little. So, thinking is, that as you were pushing the trot along, his canter depart that should not have been was actually more forward than the departs you wanted. It's just going to take some time to establish that full forward contact the whole ride.

    Overall, it was another really good test, and I, myself, would have been quite happy with such a good performance. He definitely has a good attitude and a super head on shoulders.

  3. Nice job! Looks smooth and steady for the most part. :-)

  4. I have AOL as my online provider (and can use IE and Chrome). Maximized the screen and got all but the far right side of the picture (where the little "ball" goes to show the end of the video).

    I agree with Jean. His canter didn't look "compact" (which means he really wasn't coming from behind). You have a lovely seat, as I have said before, so you're not interfering with Riley's performance. You just need to drive him from behind "into a receiving hand." The stretchy circle was good.

  5. Riley is such a nice mover and you are such a capable rider, that a few mistakes do not cost you much, as evidenced by the very nice score!

    I remember that you said he is not as fit as you would like so I think that was showing up when he didn't want to push more in trot. With time, it will get easier. Ditto what Jean said.


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