Monday, July 23, 2012

July 15, Training 2

 I think I mentioned our "problems" on this day. Here is training 2 -- think we got a 64% and tied for fourth place.


  1. A little less "on the bit" appearance in this test, but I certainly do like how forward he is. There's a lot of good energy there.

    And again, I love that walk across the diagonal.

  2. So much steadier ;o) Good canter departs--I liked the first one, once he departed (;o). The second one his head came up a bit more. When do you change the posting diagonal across the court? That may have been why he bobbled that first depart. I've always heard to change at the letter when you reach the corner. Not sure you did that, but if you were consistent in where you sit that beat, it might not cause Ri to think it's time to canter.

    Good job. He's lovely and happy in his work, and you look great.


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