Sunday, July 22, 2012

Smartpak: I like them in spite of...

I like Smartpak despite the fact that after a brief "blog partnership" they kind of dropped me. What did I do? Probably just not hot enough in the social media world. NEVERTHELESS I like their products, and I just bought my Ariat Aptos short-sleeved shirt from them. Bob bought me my Romf shirt back when we were dating, and it is pretty discolored at this point. I thought the Ariat shirt was expensive until I priced all the others. Okay, so Smartpak's marketing is genius. I'd love to know what 20 year-olds are coming up with these videos, and also the "posters" they release every so often.


  1. My daughter is one of those 20-year olds. She wrote a ton of the "hey girl" and "stuff ... say" copy for the videos.
    She said they were all given the foam fingers last week and you can order your own online.
    She loves working for them- just about everyone there really DOES have a horse!

  2. They seem to have a very clever sense of humor and a definite working knowledge of the horse world. Their advertising is very original and catchy.

  3. I just ordered a bunch of stuff, but I didn't realize that I could get a free foam finger! Maybe, SmartPak can help a girl out.

    I had tears of laughter with this one. Thanks!


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