Sunday, July 8, 2012

My pit crew -- aka the dream team

Bonnie and Heather -- the bodyguards.
So, my last couple of show outings went well, and I owe a lot to my handlers. Er, pit crew. Er, bodyguards. Pictured right are Heather (secret service sunglasses) and Bonnie (cap).  Heather has the wheels to transport Ri.

It's like having two "Jeeves" with me
I lacked for nothing.  I never had to track the whereabouts of a single thing, I had ready access to Gatorade, my boots were polished, Ri was fly-sprayed regularly, my warmup was supervised, helpful observations were made, and sugar cubes were at the ready.

After the show I chatted with folks and awaited my scores while they pampered Ri and readied him for the trip home.

I owe them both a dinner at the Nazareth Diner (when it reopens). I could not show without their help. Thanks guys!


  1. in germany i was scolded for offering sugar cubes, and i've come across many pasture fence signs reading, "sugar gives horses cavities." what? ok then.

    but i know that walter zettl uses sugarcubes, i've seen him administer them!

    this week in our local newspaper, totilas will not be in the olympics, due to rider illness. i joked, "the 'not-edward-gal' illness?"

    since you're one of the few in my blogosphere who knows the name, i wanted to say that schokenmoehle is a household name in germany. my non-horsey husband told me, "of course i know who schokenmoehle is, he was a very successful show jumper." i was shocked recently to be driving on the autobahn and see a semi with a horse image and SCHOCKENMOEHLE. what? i learned he's in the shipping container business.

    what is up with totilas? last week's paper they interviewed his trainer who said, "he's just a horse."

    sources: Bergisches Morgenpost

  2. After showing mostly by myself, I am constantly amazed at how much difference it makes, and how truly spoiled I feel, when I have a knowledgeable helper. They definitely deserve lots of kudos and all the chocolate they can eat!

  3. As frequent groom and go-fer at these sorts of events (as well as test-caller, audience or camera person if needed), I know how important it is for the rider to have "nothing else to do but ride the horse." Your crew looks extremely capable. Glad you gave them the kudos they deserve. And dinner sounds like an excellent reward!

  4. A pit crew does make a huge difference. My husband hauls water buckets, mans gates, and the camera. My barn owners trailer my horse and must give up the afternoon to stay at the show. It would be impossible to go without them!

    Dinner would be an excellent thank you for your friends.


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