Monday, July 9, 2012

Recognized show, Training 2 Pix and Video

Naturally I'm showing you our best moments.
So to recap, Bob missed videtaping our first test (no fault of his own), but he was able to record  Test 2.

Ri the worrier
There was a 45-minute break between our tests, and Ri was not faring well in the 93-degree heat and "bugs the size of Buicks." He was a gentleman, but he started grinding his teeth as we waiting ringside. I walked him around the perimeter of the fields to try to get him to relax.  It helped, and I think he had a good frame of mind as we started Test 2.

Pride cometh
Not fifteen minutes prior to my test, Bob asked me why I didn't use a reader.  I declared haughtily that I was not too lazy to memorize a 4-minute test.  Besides, I'd done Training 2 many times in schooling shows. But.. But... I was worried about the canter work, and when I fixate on something, well...

I went off course.

We cantered when we should have trotted the diagonal. Note that I caught the error before the judge! Ri was not as forward, and not as springy as he had been in our first test. I could not quite get him on the outside rein.  We were more "horizontal," but he really was trying. Take it for what it is, a 61.4% test (62.4% if I hadn't made the error)...

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