Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ri Training 3: July 8 @ Heart's Journey Stables

I'm so happy with this ride (if you ignore the gad-awful halt)! We got a 69.4% under an R judge. This is training level 3, last week (July 8). He felt really "on," really listening, and I was not even a smidgen nervous going into the ring.


  1. Nice! You and Ri must be accumulating a few ribbons this summer! :-)

    You look good in this test too - it seems like you are sitting up a bit straighter or something? (to my untrained eye)

  2. Nice, nice job!! Boy the training level tests have changed a lot since I last rode them. I like the flow of this one. And I think Riley does too because there is a lot of "room" for him to move into each transition.

    Two little suggestions: On the first canter, left lead, you needed a little more outside rein as you got to the side of the arena (E?). The turn there might have been a little scary if Riley were not such an honest boy and on the aids. You might want to work a bit on Riley's halts to get him to stand still longer. He needs to be a little more patient about that, but it's also a very common thing for young horses.

    The canter departs in this test are much nicer and the downward to trot across the arena at X is great. Riley has a nice, forward, relaxed look overall and it makes for a lovely picture.

    Well done!!

  3. Bob said it all! Great ride!

  4. He seems steadier in the bridle on this test, too. Not so much bobbing around. I would suggest shortening the reins, but it looks like you have contact with him. He just has a bit too much "play" in his head.

    And again, you have a lovely position.


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