Monday, July 16, 2012

Training 2, July 8: Heart's Journey Stables

This stable is nice place, but footing is deeper than we're used to and a little uneven in spots. A few times, in corners especially, things get sticky in the first test (this one). I am pleased with this ride, despite the areas that need work. We got a 68% on this ride. For the day, we were high point Training Level and got a "best turnout" award. :-).


  1. Riley has become such a steady guy. It looks like you can have fun and think about your test, because he can be relied on to do his job.

    I love his free and fluid strides. He really is a beautiful mover. The free walk looked like a good score waiting to happen!

  2. He's nicely forward in this test. I do love that free walk. A tiny bit sticky on the canter departs, but once he's in the gait, it's really nice. Definite progress each time you go out. Congrats on all the awards! You must be smiling. :) (Me too.)

  3. Nicely done--and your canter-trot trans about 1:35 was lovely--no loss of rhythm (one of my problem areas). And congrats on the turn out award! Was this where you had your "team"? How was dinner?? ;oD

  4. It's very pleasing to watch how much you've progressed and that you're actually demonstrating it in competition. You're getting awesome scores. I expect you're delighted!

    It's also nice to see the lovely venues you are very spoilt to ride at. It seems so peaceful, with no other horses in the background, like you've got the whole place to yourself, although I'm sure there's activity behind the camera. It's such a different picture to what I'm used to, where multiple arenas are side by side, with only a few metres between them, and horses going everywhere.


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