Saturday, August 25, 2012

And you don't know the half of it!

View the Full Monty at Something makes me want to report this to Etsy, but it is art. Not my aesthetic. BTW have you seen the blog


  1. Wow. That is.....hilarious? And for the small price of $125.

  2. Oh dear!!! My eyes got a sharp poke when I clicked on the link. I wonder what the horse thinks about being posed with creepy pantsless man.

  3. It's not just bad aesthetic, it's just plain BAD! For starters, the proportions are way off on the horse's head AND, areas. The shading is terrible, too. No, I couldn't do any better myself, but I know good artistic technique when I see it and this is a FAIL. Someone trying to make a buck via shock value?

    I am snickering at the thought of you innocently Searching for "horse art" or the like on Etsy and clicking on this...


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