Friday, August 24, 2012

Chamfron Stud

I used to talk to a friend of mine -- a woman who also raised her horse from a baby -- and we talked about publishing a picture book, one that traced top foals to adulthood. We'd identify top foals, average foals, and "homely" foals at breeding farms, trying to identify a wide range of types and breeding lines. We'd pick out a good sampling and take conformation photos of them every six months as they become riding horses and competition horses. We'd include information like breed show results and performance results -- maybe even links to a web site with videos! How informative would that be? Very! And Chamfron Stud posted this great photo on their Facebook page. It's  Chamfron Marco Polo by their Appaloosa stallion Exbury Ghost and out of an imported Quarter Horse called Shesa Perfect Zippo.    I wish more breeders would do this. Here the photos show how you can't predict color, no matter how much sellers pressure you for something definitive.

Chamfron Marco Polo
Chamfron Stud's breeder Laura likes to trace the progress of her horses even after they are sold. She'd like to do more of these aging progressions, and I'd certainly love to see it! Chamfron Stud is in southwest Scotland.  Here are a few of the many wonderful pix on the Chamfron Facebook page...


  1. I'm really grateful that my two year old's breeder is good about getting photos and that she shares them with her buyers. It will be fun to compare back later! I can already tell that when I went out to buy her a couple weeks ago she had evened out a lot from her super awkward 2 year old phase.

  2. Appies in Scotland? I never would have guessed!

  3. Well, I just had a great time looking at the Chamfrom Stud website and Laura's blog. Who knew that there were Appaloosas in SCOTLAND - I sure didn't! How very interesting. Add in their Criollo stallion, and I'm truly fascinated by their breeding programme. They seem to be producing some very useful, AND flashy, horses, which I think is just great. Thanks for the link!

  4. Thanks guys - Appies in Scotland, yes quite a lot actually, we will have a show next month and I guess there will be 40 - 50 horses there? Criollo's on the other hand - not so many, we have the only stallion in Scotland and there is probably only a handful of papered mares kicking about. I think he is also the only tested homozygous roan stallion in the UK. :-)


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