Thursday, August 23, 2012

Harmony's Quartermark: Grand Prix Arabian

I love Arabians in dressage -- has a super duper new Arab, a gray named Phil. If you start reading her blog NOW you'll be able to watch her move him up the levels. He's gonna get there.

Occasionally I'll look for for upper level horses that are Arabians when I'm online. Here's one I found recently. He's a nice one...


  1. No way! I took a few lessons from Trisha when I lived in Utah. This must be a new one of hers. She's a great trainer, if anyone reading this is in the Salt Lake area!

  2. Oh how I LOVE to see a post like this! I have ridden a fair share of Arabs, and I always wondered why I didn't see more Arabians at the higher levels of dressage. They definitely have the sensitivity required for the upper levels and the suspension comes naturally to a lot of them! Their heads are set up on gracefully arched necks that put them in a good, natural position. They have compact backs for better power, they are smart as a whip and they are very, very athletic. It would be a real PLUS for those of us that are "vertically-challenged" if more of these existed. Not all of us look too proper on a 17.2hh WB. A 14.2hh Crabbett Arabian would suit me just fine. If they start doing a dressage breeding program for arabs, count me IN!! :)

  3. I have a second level Arab I'm showing. He's got the potential to GP, but I haven't had the discipline. :(

    Nice video, but Kaswyn is better. :)

  4. Show me the video of Kaswyn????!!!! I have only seen pix -- gorgeous pix, but still just pix...

  5. That is indeed a very nice boy! Lovely confo., self-carriage and obedience in particular (I may not ride dressage but thanks to this blog and others I know what to look for, LOL). Not very extravagant extensions/piaffe/passage, but certainly correct. (I guess my eye has been spoiled lately watching giant WBs at the Olympics)

    I'm pretty sure I've seen video of Kaswyn strutting his stuff somewhere over there... although lately it's just been lower-level with other riders. We ought to ask DM to post video of Kaswyn doing GP!


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