Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Training 2: 68.7% and the runaway that wasn't

It was a cool day, and in the very large warmup ring Ri would occasionally "volunteer" a canter and ignore my requests to come back to a trot. Not really naughty, but definitely a change in his usual laid back "why don't we find some shade and just hang out?" self.  I kind of liked it but I didn't really want any volunteer or spontaneous movements in the test.

Now, when you look at this footage I think it looks pretty controlled. It did not feel that way.

In our first canter I was pretty sure we were not going to come back to trot in the vicinity of the specified letters (we did, thankfully). It felt like a hand gallop and I felt zero control. It doesn't look that way, I don't think. I was not pleased with the ride so much but the video was better than I thought it would be. And it is an eight point improvement over our last Training 2 test at a recognized show. The top score in the class was 71%, then 69%, then us -- a third.


  1. Congrats on the score! I think he looks much better in this video than any other I've seen so far :) Forward is the key to dressage, so that 'fast' feeling with the 'controlled' looks is a good thing... as your score reflects! Well done :)

  2. Ha. Somebody stole your horse and replaced him temporarily with another that looked exactly alike! It was like someone pushed the fast forward button. The whole test appeared "peppy" to me, for sure. I can see how it would have felt out-of-control ... but, as we see, it wasn't as bad as it felt. ;)

  3. Is it just me, or has Riley's tendency to skip in the trot competely disappeared over the season? He's going so well!

  4. It's a testament to your own self control and skill that he came back for you.

  5. I think the canter looks better--less composed, but more jump and expression. He's coming from behind more. I'd try some "hand galloping" to energize the canter in your training...his canter in other tests is calm and pretty, but he bobs his head down on the stride implying that he's too much on the forehand.

    Get used to a bigger, jumpier canter! That's the next step in your progress with him, I'd bet.

    He's lovely.


  6. Sometimes very correct "forward" can be a lot stronger feeling than you may think. Riley looks quite steady in this test which may be a result of true forward energy. The more you can ride him that way, using your seat and core to hold him in balance and do the transitions, the better.

    He really does look good in this test.


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