Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Training 3 at BHCP: "Getting/keeping the canter"

Well, the test wasn't that great, but the prefatory remarks are pretty hilarious. Courtesy Bob.

Well, we got 4s on the canter that were utterly deserved (not great quality to begin with, and we didn't hold it). But we got 8s on our curvy-line trots, and a few 7s. Stretchy trot was pretty mediocre. The judge was more than fair in giving us a 62.something percent, and her comments included a line I love: "Lovely trot work." We'll just keep on truckin', eventually we'll find our canter happy-place.


  1. I lost my coffee all over the keyboard at "the switching of the leads." Thank you, Bob, I needed that. :o)

  2. Glad Bob enjoys Rolex so much! :-)

    Nice test, and I think your new coat looks very nice. I wasn't sure what to think about the shorter length but it's quite smart, and I see what you mean about not sitting on the tails.

  3. Nice work, Stacey!
    Getting back into riding again (again...) myself, leasing a horse! So happy.
    I enjoy your blog :)

  4. Love the judge's comment. What a great sense of humor and nice approach to offering critique.

    It almost looks as if Riley was doing some of the thinking in that test. I know in the other training level tests you do the downward along the long side. Could be part of the canter breaking problem was his anticipation of the transition? You just need to kind of practice departures and downward transitions in all kinds of places in the arena and be careful not to practice any of the tests too much. Smart horses like Riley memorize the tests much faster than we do.

  5. I liked the "stretchy walk." ;o)

  6. This video was worth watching for the comments alone :)


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