Sunday, September 30, 2012

$180 a year

This is an Antares custom helmet. Suede-y cover, leather stripe, rich colors -- all can be yours for the merest $900. But if it gets the style-conscious non-helmet-wearer to buy one, more power to'em. If helmets last about five years -- the recommended lifespan of a helmet -- the Antares is $180 a year to keep your noggin safe and your body fully mobile. Sounds like a good deal to me!


  1. So are they a higher safety standard/more safe than a regular helmet, like a Charles Owen or something?

  2. Now that is pretty! If I get to FEI with my new chestnut (she's two, it'll be many years!)maybe I'll splurge on the equivalent...

  3. Bit too rich for my blood, but I am a long time helmet wearer...somewhere I still have my old Caliente.

    I'm happy in my International helmets which seem to fit me best and are quite comfy.

  4. Hey, since we only have one brain and it doesn't repair itself all that well, $180 a year is cheap at TWICE the price. The helmet Charlotte DuJardin wore when she kicked butt at the Olympics in dressage was navy blue with red and white "piping" and was, I'm sure a gift to her from a grateful sponsor (because the Olympics isn't all about amateurs anymore), but it was pretty stunning too and probably cost a small fortune.

    Anything to protect the brains.

    I watched the GP Freestyle livestream from Dover last night and noticed that many of the riders wore helmets--it was about evenly divided. I think the helmets look great, myself.

  5. Are you thinking of getting one? It is quite stylish, but there are some low profile Charles Owens that I prefer which are cheaper. Now if Voltaire Saddles or Animo made a helmet....I might pay $900 for one of those. OK. I'd only pay $450 tops and have to be showing in an A circuit. I recently got an LAS on SUPER sale from Horseloverz and just adore it. Paid like $80 and it was supposed to be $325.


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