Monday, October 1, 2012

Dressage at Devon: Devon L freestyle

The rides this year were exceptional. I loved Devon L in particular, despite some funniness in the bridle that probably detracted from the overall score -- the first few flips of the head I almost couldn't believe my eyes -- happened so fast, and he went right back to his work. Enjoy the loveliness...


  1. Personally, I have to say - I prefer seeing a horse ridden in such a way he may come above the bit to one who is constantly behind the bit. There were bobbles in there, and some irregularity in the passage but none which are too distressing to my lower level amateur self for a young and learning GP horse. I would love to know what people who know more than I do think of them - but to me I see a horse who looks similar in quality to the international ones I see on video. And that is one woman with whom I would LOVE to ride. I could see all the small uses of weight/seat I am trying to learn and will take decades more to learn, seemingly flowing instinctively and naturally from her. I may rewatch this one a lot for visualization of how I want to ride!

  2. There's a video on HorseHero's YouTube of Diane explaining how Devon's a bit of a hot head and gets bored easily. I know the type - hard to amuse! I can understand why he's a bit of a stargazer.
    He'd be lovely to see moving more forward with throughness from behind, but he's quite talented. (:

  3. Had to go to the YouTube site because the frame on your blog had the pair "out of it" for most of the piece.

    Lovely, however--and worth the search for your video posted there.

    I watched the GP Special Freestyle (at least I think that's what I watched) Friday night on the computer. Didn't like any of the music, but part of that could have been their setup and my computer. The lead-in to the program showed some of the shopping. Wow!

    What did you buy this year ;o)

  4. Ach -- a coupla pairs of socks. I had a OneK helmet on hold to pick up Sat. but understandably they sold it. Those helmets sold out the first two days. There is time for me to get one for spring...


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