Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Must-Post and Must-See: The Will Faudree Smooch

Best moment at Burghley
Bob and I watched some of the Burghley footage -- so beautiful! And Sinead Halpin's second place finish is awesome and inspiring. We are now making plans to go next year. BTW, Burghley puts Rolex to shame in the sophistication and services of their Web site. The Burghley Horse Trials Web TV is wonderful, easy to navigate, and immediately available video footage of each rider in each phase. Rolex Kentucky's 3 Day Event, wonderful as it is, offers little to its Web audience.

But never mind THAT...
But the Must-See-TV moment is the Will Faudree ride. The ride starts out fast and agressive, and the mare is amazing. To my non-expert's eye the ride looks fast, a  few fences look dicey, and before the fall she is breathing heavily, looks a little tired.

 At fence 19, The Land Rover Dairy Farm, they have a scary fall -- but that's  not the must-see part. The mare Andromaque gets up pretty fast and volunteers catch her. Will is down longer than you like to see. He does get up, but he doesn't look good -- he's either hurting, or terribly disappointed, or both. His face is a study of  seriousneess as he walks over to see Andromaque. And at 5 minutes, 19 seconds, he gives her a big smooch on the face.


  1. Oh man, that just brought tears to my eyes. Kudos to you, Will Faudree, kudos to you. :o)

  2. Oh, that was a scary fall!! Hope both are really OK.

    But you are right, the kiss is absolutely the best part. What a relationship those two must have!

  3. That was lovely to see. Andromaque looked very tired indeed to me, and she just didn't have any "oomph" getting off the ground there at all. It would have been a severely dangerous rotational fall over a single element jump, they are darn lucky it was "just" a bank like that. I would venture to say that maybe Will ought to have known she was so tired, but as a non-eventer with absolutely no knowledge of the horse I can't fairly criticize.

    Hope they both make a speedy recovery. The mare looked stiff and a bit off walking away, and Will must have really whacked his leg.

  4. P.S. If you really are going to Burghley next year, count me amongst the jealous! And here I'm thinking I'll go to Rolex and was hoping to meet you there. :-)

  5. Glad to see that over what happens at some of the shows I have been to. I hope both of them were ok.


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