Sunday, September 2, 2012

"Stirrups are just for decoration"

Yeah. Right. A former trainer used to tell me that, but I'm thinking my stirrups serve a distinct function. Here is someone who does seem to be able to ride without'em.

This rider is gutsy, yes? She is Scandinavian, Malin Maryard-Johnsson. I found out about her from the Fourteen Carrots blog who wrote about Horse Junkies United posted their article Stirrups are for Losers. Here is a fun video that Malin did...


  1. I love, love, love the second video. Beautiful horses and a fun feel!

    I never took as high a course without stirrups but, yes, it can be done. However, as the first video clearly shows, it's not ideal for the jumping arena when you need to refocus the horse on each obstacle.

  2. That was chilling/thrilling! Incredible horse, amazing rider with fantastic body control. I'd guess that she has spent lots of time bareback over jumps.

  3. She rocks! But landing on the pommel must have hurt something fierce. I guess riding bareback in white breeches helped prepare her for stirrup-less clear rounds. Holy Mackerel!

    I love the part in the second video where she is walking hay down the aisle. No planned choreography necessary. :)

  4. All good instructors have their jump riders spend a good portion of their lesson jumping without stirrups and most of them will easily take the horse over the jumps bareback.


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