Saturday, September 1, 2012

Warm fuzzy toys: I collect these

When I was little, I went through a period when I was afraid of a house fire. I was afraid to take a bath, afraid to sleep, afraid to be in a room on the second floor. I slept with my important belongings -- stuffed animals, mostly -- in a grocery bag by my bed. The fixation on stuffed animals and models continues, although I now focus most of my worrying on real horses. I'm not like a beanie baby freak or anything, but I do like to find stuffed animal horses and do absolutely nothing with them. They sit on my dresser. Here is one from Breyer. You can get it at Tractor Supply BTW...


  1. Me, too. Sometimes my students give me little stuffed horses or animals. I always keep them!

    I remember learning about the "stop, drop, and roll" protocol in Kindergarten. I stressed about the technique, imagining myself trying to roll down the hallway and out the door while the house was on fire.

    I also feared for my "stuffies" after reading The Velveteen Rabbit. I was afraid of getting sick and having all my toys destroyed.

  2. Oh my, prepare to be cousin used to work for Gund. She used to get me stuffed horses every year at Christmas. Some of them are unique as they were samples Gund never put into commercial production.

    Guess if I need to sell any of them at some point, I have a potential customer. I will try to take pictures at some point to let you see them.


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