Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dubai stallion show

Compare this atmosphere to the stallion shows and auctions in Germany -- similear yes (except for the music)? And check out the bay with the part-white tail, you have to wonder if there is some kind of meaning ascribed to that color/marking.


  1. Some funky sabino mutation maybe?
    The only thing that comes to my mind is a (partial) gulastra plume. If that is a thing.

    about halfway down the page

  2. I recently watched a documentary about the breeding and training of Arab horses. They are judged partly on their alertness to surroundings so teams of noisy people from each stable whistle, shout and wave stuff to try to excite the horses.

  3. All of these stallions look really unhappy and overexcited. I hate seeing so many noses waving in the air and practically trotting over their handlers, though no one is really laying their ears back much. Are they supposed to be showing off their spirit?

  4. Looks like a high energy show! The horse with the half white tails looks to be a Rabicano. It is the Arab version of roan. It can be shown by a "skunk" tail, white hair in the mid section or body like a roan. This coloration normally gets little attention and I am not sure if it prized or not in the Arabain world or not. Sure catches the eye that is for sure!

  5. I know very little about Arabians, but those sure seem like some nice boys there! I like that they *seem* to be naturally high-spirited as well. Read too many things about confo classes here in the States where a frightened, fire-breathing, mind-bent wreck of a stud that's been literally whipped into a frenzy is what wins in some places.


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