Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Awesome mare, awesome bling!

I've watched this mare grow up. She was a wonder at 3, faded a bit at 4 (at least in the footage I saw), and now she is back and better than ever. If Quaterback was a mare, he'd be Rising Sun. And note the noseband bling. She totally pulls it off.


  1. Lovely! But do you think she and her rider are slightly at odds? I think the mare has what it takes and her rider is very good too. Just wondering. . .?

  2. I love this mare's very natural-looking cadence. I thought the rider was very consistent and tactful.

    Was that a stretchy trot in sitting trot? I have not seen that before in a test.

  3. Hi V Viola, I kind of see what you are saying -- her hands are almost waist high, and there are moments where I think the rider is either struggling to make things happen or just trying to keep her seat through all of that movement. The mare looks happy enough. I can't really judge -- and there is so much to admire!

  4. A very lovely test, indeed. What a beautiful mare! My favorite part was the downward transition, counter-canter to trot, at about 3:14. It was effortless. I was so busy watching this mare move, I never noticed the rider! LOL


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