Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Nalanta: I got weepy watching this

That is one seriously cute equine, and his owner does a nice "show of love" video. Love the piaffe work.


  1. Cute, but a bit overly romantic. I think too many people suffer already from the idea that their horse should be some ideal friend, soul mate, spiritual guide...which makes training and the real day-to-day business of working with a horse a let down.

    I love my horse because he is horse. He doesn't have to sense my sorrow and whatever gobbleydegook. What I like about horses and working with horses is how down-to-earth it is. So the flowing manes, face hugging in a field of flowers and no-helmeted riding doesn't do it for me.

    The reality is better than that.

    Sorry for the sermon!

  2. Just wonderful! Everyone should see this! I'm going out to hug my horse ... again! Thanks for posting this.

  3. mystical horses are soul mates who would never hurt you if you lay next to them. fairy horses knowingly take your pain away and consciously keep it at bay, your servants. heavenly horses prefer flowers in their manes to mud after you bathe them.

    real horses belong to the reality i happen to be in. i also believe in heaven, and that there are horses there that transcend will this as we will.

  4. I have to agree with McFawn. I love my horses for their individual natures, their personalities, their quirks, etc.

    Those flowing manes and tails? While many of us may love them, I see work in keeping them clean, up off the ground and tangle free. Do the horses care one way or the other- not likely. As long as there is no burrs or thorny crap stuck in them to cause pain.

  5. Barf. Sorry, but way too schmaltzy.


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