Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pessoa/USEF Medal Finals: Cheers to Christina Frost

Sometimes it isn't the winner who impresses you the most. Maybe this is the case in the 2012 Pessoa/USEF Medal Finals competitor, Christina Frost.

From the Chronicle of the Horse:

 In one of the cuter episodes of the day, Christina Frost came off over her horse's head at the fifth fence and pulled her horse's bridle off. He made a quick tour of the ring with it dragging behind him until he broke the reins and then was loose. His groom caught him quickly. Frost earned some applause for helping the jump crew to rebuild the fence she'd knocked down when she fell into it. She then kissed her horse on the nose. What a great show of sportsmanship.
Skills and athleticism have not always led to an admirable life (recent example: Lance Armstrong?), but it sure seems to me like this girl has an attitude that will serve her well inside and outside the show ring.
If you want to see the round, here it is...

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  1. Word is she is just a super nice girl and that helpful around the barn every day.

    Her parents should be proud!

    I hope all's well where you are after the storm!


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