Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Top at Hilltop 2012

Wow! The top colt at the 2012 Hilltop Farm inspection -- Hanoverian inspection, I think. Not bad, eh? He was bred at a local breeding operation, Triad Farm LLC in Reigelsville PA. He is by Jazz, a KWPN stallion out of a Sandro Hit/Weltmeyer mare. Jazz is an awesome sire but I think he tends to produce a hotter horse than I'd be able to ride.


  1. Wow! What an incredibly impressive mare!

    Very, very nice baby. I haven't heard *hot* as the issue with Jazz babies, but rather temperament. I haven't heard it so much lately, though, so tend to wonder if it's because folks are used to lower energy warmbloods rather than actual temperament issues. I love hot horses, so maybe wouldn't rule out Jazz as a future baby daddy if it turns out it's really not temperament but energy level which was causing issues. For example, this baby was ornery when asked to stand, but very happy to move out, and while moving was one of the most obedient and well behaved I have seen!

  2. Hi Net, I guess what I've heard is that they are not necessarily amateur friendly horses, and I assumed they meant hot. To me, hot can be synonymous with temperamental or difficult, but maybe my use of terms is inexact. Please elaborate if you have a better handle on what Jazz produces rideability-wise.

  3. I don't think there's a right/wrong definition for hot. Some people think of a horse who spooks a lot as hot, I think of it as very high energy. Typically that does translate to not ammy friendly if it's the definition used, but I have heard Jazzes referred to as crazy at times. However, I've recently met a few who were amateur packers, and it makes me think most likely you need a mare with a great temperament, but that some problems are from folks who aren't used to that kind of energy (and of course mega athleticism), and some are from folks who didn't have mares with the greatest temperaments and it was a volatile combination.
    I haven't seen enough for an impression with expertise behind it, it's just a guess based on the small sample size I've seen. :)

  4. I can only judge by watching videos, but the Jazz offspring are super athletic, light, and big movers -- and they look very "alert" which by itself isn't a bad thing. If there is a sire that produces this kind of movement, and talent/willingness for the upper levels, and a little spook/diva/hotness I'm happy to let the pros buy them up. :-)

  5. I hear you on that one - in my case it's the movement which makes me think no Jazz baby would likely be for me! They all seem to be such consistently huge movers! In this baby's case, the movement comes from both sides - mom is just WOW!


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