Sunday, November 4, 2012

Barn cats

They may not all have a great life -- but ours do. Here a gray kitty sleeps in Harv's stall while he is on turnout...


  1. My first horse loved cats. I went to the barn to ride one morning and one of the barn kittens (about two months old) was asleep in the middle of his flake of hay. He was pulling stems from the flake so as not to disturb the feline. Kitty was sleeping like your barn cat pictured above. Brought back a very fond memory for me. A great way to start my Monday. Thanks! ;o)

  2. Our barn cats definitely have good lives. They were ferals who couldn't be adopted out to indoor lives, but they love being in the barn. They love the hay, their regular feedings, and following us around like dogs would. They don't necessarily enjoy being touched by us, but love being close.


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