Saturday, November 3, 2012

The moments we live for...

This may be one of my favorite photos of all time. The little girl won first place in a class of over 29 riders.

Caroline on Pondview Pure Elegance with her trainer Katie Lewis Yereance from Sea-Vu Farm
winning the walk-trot pleasure class out of 29 kids at the Morgan Grand Nationals.

Photo Courtesy of Photos By Dave & Andy, LLC


  1. I hope she doesn't forget that joy as she gets older.

  2. There's an innocence here that is totally beguiling and the pony seems to be expressing tolerance and understanding for this young rider:)

  3. I LOVE this, and boy does it bring back memories from my youth showing!

  4. Happy little girl! I watched the video..she seemed to have a very hollow back..but she was very consistent with her hands..and her horse looked very pleased.


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