Saturday, November 10, 2012

Horse Farms featured in local "stylin" magazine

Lehigh Valley Style did a big feature on the horse life in teh Lehigh Valley. Itdid not seem to get a lot of attention in the local equestrian community. Here it is! [pdf file of the article].

A local stable called Wentz Stables is featured prominently, as well as a few others including a farm I boarded at when I first moved here. The pictures show off the area farms to advantage. I could quibble over the fit of some of the rider apparel (breeches are oddly baggy) but the clothes are definitely "haute" and fun, so long as no one comes to the conclusion that nothing like this is actually worn anywhere near a barn.


  1. It's a high risk sport yet no helmets on the student :)

  2. um, the horse is over checked in this photo AND the leg placements are not a desired photo, so you can tell the photographer knows nothing about 'proper shot'.

    Trots and posts?


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