Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ri update!

LVDA Championships -- photo Terry Wetzel
So Ri and Harv have settled in at the new barn -- all is going well. Ri's program has been altered pretty dramatically, and it sits well with him. It's clear that I need to work on improving my seat and position, and Ri's gotta move to the next phase of his training, which is less push and more lift.

I'm hearing the same advice from all points, and my last show of the season was a recognized show. Judge Heather Mason gave some super comments -- positive but not mincing words. I feel we're on the right path, and being in a more structured program is benefitting Ri and I both. Managing his feet and dealing with all those lost shoes was for the birds. So much has been lifted from my shoulders...


  1. Hopefully you have found the right combination and a good trainer to move you along. You and Ri have all the basics, so you are well on your way.

  2. Looking back on my own journey, which is temporarily stalled AGAIN, this time due to a saddle search (finding the right fitter and time to get to where the fittings are held--having one come up where I live would cost a lot more than my hauling down to meet someone), I can say with some sense of truth that the EASIEST part of this whole "dressage journey" is buying the horse. (It is often the cheapest part of the journey, too ;o) Agree with Jean--you have the basics (and very good ones), and I look forward to reading about the next part of your adventure.


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