Monday, November 12, 2012

Gangnam Giddyup: Pop culture bewilderment

There are more than a few equestrian references in the video...
Insulated from teen pop culture as I am, this meme (circa summer 2012) is old news by now. Why is this post-worthy? Because:
  1.  many of you may have missed it as well.
  2.  it does sort of have an equestrian theme
Therefore,I bring you: my Gangnam style blog post. Gangnam style started as a video (check it out.)

The music is not my taste, and the dancing is not exactly Thriller--but there's a lot to like about a video that looks like it was fun to make and contains no violence or graphic anything. It does not try to be cool. There have been a lot of parodies of this video, which is funny because I thought the original was a parody. Here is the signature dance move which is repeated throughout the video. Many of us have performed this dance move, albeit in our childhood, and I guess the Korean word for this move is something like "ride a horse." Now that the election is over, I guess horse dancing is something we all now know about.
"The mass appeal of the music video has been attributed to its signature dance move known as
'the horse-riding dance,' which combines the stylistic elements of shuffle dancing
and hand movements resembling the posture of a horseback rider."


  1. I wonder why they think anyone rides with their hands crossed like that? Otherwise, cute.

  2. You know this is so weird, I was totally thinking about blogging about this since I was thinking of it the other day. I nearly laughed out loud when I saw it on your blog! Yi-ha!!!

  3. I first heard of this last summer when a talk radio personality was trying to figure it out. Apparently she had seen either law enforcement or professional football players (men in uniform, and I've seen both since. Mind like a sieve can't remember what she was referring to). The original was a Korean named Psi. It makes me laugh to read the horseback reference--but I can totally see it. (I can alway hear my instructors telling me NOT to cross my hands ;o)

  4. You should watch the parody of this, Jackey Style -

  5. This song and the video are really bizarre, but likeable in some strange way. I watched a news segment in which the artist taught the hosts how to dance. I got a kick out of his description: "Body silly, face very serious."


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