Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Olympics 1920: Equestrian sport way back when

Although this fellow looks quite dashing, there are a few moments in this footage that look "pre-Xenophon" (see 1:02 minutes) to be sure.


  1. Now that was extremely interesting! Thanks for finding it. The riding in general was pretty good (at least they had adopted the forward seat by then) and the only really cringe-worthy moment was the fellow hauling on the horse's mouth in the arena. Quality animals, it seemed like; interesting how they looked far more TB-like than many modern WBs.

  2. Some rather challenging obstacles there, considering the year. At least he was riding in the forward seat over the fences, and the horse was certainly brave and forward.

    It really is amazing to look back to see what the horses and courses were like back then and compare them to today. Thanks for the view.

  3. Nice confident horses. Those were the days when Olympic riders and horses were active cavalry. I'd love to see more.


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