Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas pick: Wild Horsefeathers necklace

I do love necklaces -- a lot of my Christmas picks go around your neck -- but they are classy and subtle and would add a bit to the neckline of any blouse or sweater. This one is a safe bet gift for any horsewoman, from Wild Horsefeathers.

Stirrup necklace, $58


  1. I agree with you about necklaces: Love them AND love "subtle." This is very pretty and very affordable. Thanks for your shopping list of items this month in your blog; I have lots of new sites added to my favorites.

  2. Ooooh, I have no business liking this since I already own not one but TWO lovely long sterling horse-themed necklaces. But this one is singing a siren song because it's STIRRUPS. I am extremely fond of the stirrup motif due to them being so obviously English. For example, horseshoes are great, too, but they say nothing about your discipline of choice.... English stirrup = English rider. Done. :-)


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