Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas picks: Whining about wine

$14 bargain! 
The gift set of two wines, packaged, $60
So another gift-worthy equestrian-labelled wine is the Washington state wine 14 Hands. I have tasted this wine, and loved it, but I'm easy. More significantly, I think it has a reputation among wine lovers as being a good wine.

f you can't get the wine itself shipped to your state, there is a great wine carrier and also a poster.


  1. I love this wine! I actually have an empty bottle of it as a decoration in my kitchen!!

  2. I made a browband based on this bottle label last July! It is in my browband album on Facebook. You can see it at

  3. Pat that's a gorgeous browband -- I can see the inspiration of the wine. :-)

  4. I just bought two bottles earlier in the week - glad to hear it's decent. I really just bought it for the pretty label! :0)


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