Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Pick: Woven Beads

A month or so I blogged WovenBeadsBrowbands -- intending to promote a product I like, but I made a little comment about the delicate beadwork holding up. I got a polite but worried note from the beader. She wanted to assure me of the quality and durability of the product, and she described how the item is constructed. I stand corrected! With the kind of strong backing she uses, the browbands (which she has made for many years) hold up to daily use and stay beautiful.  I was drawn to the browbands for their beauty, so how great is it that they are also sturdy? I'm hankering for this one myself, and in my dreams there is a matching belt...

$75 is a bargain for this lovely browband IMHO

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  1. I made a pair of those for my horse and my mom's horse as a teenager, seems like a million years ago lol. Don't have the horses anymore (they were elderly even then), but I know I still have mine tucked away. :) Even mine was quite sturdy, just sewn onto a bright piece of fabric.


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