Monday, January 28, 2013

Gloves to love!

These gloves are TEN DOLLARS on Ebay -- and I can recommend the seller and the gloves. I'm a bit of a "princess and the pea" story when it comes to glove fit, and these fill the bill. I now have two pair (see below) and the pink ones are on sale now on Ebay from cameras-n-more.  This seller offers a wide assortment of horse and non-horse items, and I'd love to know where he got these. I have not ridden in them zillions of times but they are holding up well, and for $10 they're a steal. Grab a pair.


  1. LOVE the pink! I have Raynaud's Phenomenon, so I'm always in the market for gloves (particularly those that are $10 a pair). Off to add 'em to my Ebay list - and thanks! ;o)

  2. Super cute. How do they fit? I have long skinny fingers. So most gloves are either baggy or the fingers aren't quite long enough. I suppose at $10/pair it's worth the risk.

    Thanks for finding these.


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