Sunday, January 27, 2013

Awards a go-go IV: Volunteer of the Year

I've worked for the Lehigh Valley Dressage Association for about three years. I do the web site, the email communications, some of the publications, and I try to manage one or two of the shows every year. I love this GMO because it fills a special niche. I belong to  ESDCTA too, but they are very different organizations.

When you compete in one of their shows you really test your stuff, because some really tip-top horses and riders are in this organization. ESDCTA is huge (over 600 members) and it is a tad outside my immediate geographic area. It can be hard to get to know everyone and it is less of a social venue -- partly because I don't put the effort into getting involved, but also because it is all so spread out.

LVDA is smallish, it is more geographically focused, and -- what I really love -- is the diversity of its membership, and of the horses that compete. There are divas, there are people that cross into Western, there are monied folks, there are middle class-types, there are fancy warmbloods, there are interesting crosses, and quarter horses, and... You get the idea. And LVDA is small enough that I get to meet and get to know some wonderful people who are tied through their love of horses.

In 2012, I was volunteer of the year. This is really great, but in the end I get so much more out of my time with LVDA than I put in. I wish more people volunteered for LVDA, and not because we need the help (we do!). Volunteering for this organization is rewarding -- folks are missing out!

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