Saturday, January 26, 2013

B-day! What I want

Today(Saturday) is my birthday. Bob always asks me to tell him what to get, because he considers birthday gift-buying to be a form of torture. I want to make it easy on him, so I'll tell him exactly what I want.

Bob gets his wish 
How bout this chestnut pictured right, Bob? I found this colt on facebook and I went ga-ga. It's a sign from the Gods that he is named B-Day! I love the pretty markings and unusual face but he has more going for him than color:

  • he was top foal at his Hanoverian inspection
  • he has bloodlines to die for,  by Benidetto out of Willbuerg/Warkant. Benidetto is a super stallion with great rideability
  • B-Day was bred at
Way back when I was looking at babies, I visited Walnut Farm (Ohio) and met breeder Linda Woltz.  You won't find a nicer, more knowledgable, more enthusiastic person, and her farm is baby-raisin' heaven. She showed me a lovely 11-day-old foal. I was not ready to buy (this was the first stop on my horse-shopping journey). That exquisite little liver chestnut baby ended up at the top of the USDF standings by age five.  This is a breeding program that serious dressage folks should know about.

So here is B-Day. Will Bob step up to the plate and make me the owner of THREE horses? We'll see...


  1. Nice baby. I wouldn't mind him under my birthday tree either. *G*

  2. Cute! If he does budge on the baby, that would be sooo awesome! Good luck!!!

  3. Can't wait to hear if your wishes are granted!

    I got a link to a great music video through one of the Yahoo lists I follow; I think you'd like it. I just put it on my blog:

  4. You know I'm not a dressage person, but even *I* can see the potential in that one! NICE!

    Maybe Bob will give you a framed picture of him. :-)

  5. I know you like interesting colors Stacey. Here is a polka dot appaloosa/friesian cross. It was hard to see this horses conformation properly because he blends into the background too much and my monitor tends to be dark. Based on what I see here, I'd geld him, but he's cute.


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