Friday, January 25, 2013

Saddlebred dressage II and III and IV

This two-year old moves better than some warmbloods I've seen (nice rhythm!), especially for a two-year old in what is likely a growth spurt.  I picture this one eventing, but dressage is sure a possiblity. Wish I could see some canter work.

WOW I just looked at some other footage from the same Youtube account -- and the farm is in Shelbyville KY where my sister lives! Hey, Les...


  1. Wow! I think an ASB may be on my next "wish" list ... in like 20 years. BEAUTIFUL horses.

  2. Your words tempt but the videos don't load!

  3. Here's some cuties with interesting color and nice moves.

    These horses are nice, but I look at them as possibilities for crossing as I don't need a such a drafty type.

  4. I bought my second horse through this girl (the youtube account owner) last summer. I gave him the winter off to grow up a little and learn to be out more. I'm so excited for him to start. I think we'll event eventually, or at least that's my plan! He has a cool video too.


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