Sunday, January 13, 2013

"Loose horse!" -- All's well that ends well

A friend of mine shared this news article and video of a Maryland race horse that dumped his rider and went cantering down Route 1. Yes, we love our horses, and we're terrified they'll get injured when they run off. On a more practical level, a loose horse is essentially litigation on the hoof. Add traffic to the equation, and it's a nightmare of carnage waiting to happen. Thank heavens this horse was okay. Interesting that the car was tracking his speed. Race people.


  1. Scary indeed. Glad the horse was OK, but what a dangerous experience for all involved.

  2. "Race people?"

    In racing it's all about speed and the narrator (if this is the same film I saw on Facebook) is, I believe, a jockey himself. And that's what the "race people" care about.

  3. And, chasing him with a car while filming is going to slow him down and keep people safe? Sometimes, ya gotta wonder ...


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