Monday, January 14, 2013

Teeth are like diamonds

One World butterfly shirt, overpriced but gorgeous
After a lifetime of good teeth, 2012 was a bad year for dental work. I have FOUR cavities, and one of them was much worse than the x-ray suggested. The dentist filled  two of them last week, but said that a crown might ultimately be necessary. On Saturday, the tooth broke while I was eating a granola bar.

I was able to walk-in that day, and the dentist tells me  it'll hold till my next appointment, but WHAT A BUMMER. Expense, hassle, and a feeling that this is a harbinger of my old age. Since childhood I have had dreams of my teeth falling out. Now I'm living it.

Did I mention my out-of-pocket costs? 

In my younger days I read many editions of Don Quixote by Cervantes. My litmus test for a translation was how a particular passage on teeth translated into English. In the best English translation Don Quixote says that "Every tooth in a man's head is more valuable than a diamond." Some of the other editions made no reference to diamonds and the passages were totally mundane.
Teeth really are like diamonds.
OC shoes, my interpretation of Dorothy's red slippers
(and on sale)
So what does this have to do with photos of the end-result of my unnecessary, impulse shopping? Well, after leaving the dentist and going out to see the horses, I stopped for some retail therapy on the way home.

I have to admit, I feel better. And it's a good thing.

The shirt and shoes will likely be my ensemble at the awards banquet I'm going to this Friday.

Stay tuned!


  1. Oh, I'm with you on the dental nightmares! Unfortunately I've been where you are and have two crowns to prove it. I live in dread of the next one; for us it's ALL out-of-pocket expense!

  2. Like about the clothes and retail therapy, and dislike the whole dental thing.

  3. I know I've already commented on FB, but I have to tell you - I have ALSO had dreams about my teeth falling out since I was little!!! I've never heard of anyone else doing that so I think we are members of an exclusive club. :-/ I absolutely hate those dreams,and have woken up crying from them. So yes, having a tooth break and having to get a crown really messed with my head. Oddly, it was kind of a good thing: it forced me to face a "worst" fear and deal with it. But thank God my dentist was able to see me that afternoon or I probably would have had a worse meltdown!
    [In the interest of research - there's not much I can do about it at this point - I'm paying $1100 for a metal-core-and-porcelain crown. How does that compare?]

  4. I am not fond of the dentist myself. I have a number of fillings and hate it when one has to be replaced. Fortunately, there are no really tempting stores near my dentist, so I generally can avoid the after-appointment shopping therapy.

    You are going to be well-dressed indeed for the banquet. That shirt is really pretty and the shoes...well who can not love a beautiful pair of shoes??????

  5. Was born with soft teeth and have had much dental work over the years. Definitely NOT a fan but am a very good patient. HOWEVER, shopping--especially SHOE THERAPY--is always a good plan, though now I'm not so much into red shoes as tall boots ;o)


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