Sunday, February 17, 2013

Absorbine One Step -- winners!

Brown saddle, ho! Anyone know where it is from?
I found it on
Remember the contest we had last week? Here are the winners of the Horseman's One Step spray leather cleaner! Congrats folks -- send me your mailing addresses!
  • Nancy K of Bucks County (facebook post)
  • Net 
  • race.ride.jump
  • wileyaa
  • j. bowers 
Thanks to Absorbine for graciously offering these freebies -- and note that this is a very reasonably priced product. That is something all horsemen appreciate...


  1. That saddle is really cool! No idea where it's from, but very neat.

    I just sent you my address through email. Thanks!

  2. I have seen this saddle before in my internet travels as a model horse tack artist,
    whilst I cannot remember where I do have the link to a site with very similar saddle you may be interested in ^.^
    feel free to email me if you find out where this beauty came from! would love to make a model version! :)


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