Friday, February 15, 2013

Enter at A -- Harv's horsehair bracelet!

Well -- it's not Harv's bracelet (it's mine), but it is Harv's hair. The orange is the perfect shade, the hair looks great, and the quality and workmanship is a steal at $20.  Enter at A Jewelry's web site does not seem to show the bracelets but you can see them on the Facebook page.


Front of the bracelet



  1. I'm glad you like it! I will eventually put those on my website. I am getting ready to put the shopping cart on there.~Kim, Enter At A

  2. As soon as an accomplice gets me the needed hair, I am having one of these made for a friend of mine as a surprise. Thanks so much for letting your followers know about them!

  3. Love it! Will be looking in to getting one made :)

  4. Turned out GREAT! Enjoy - I'm sure you will receive many compliments.


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