Friday, February 15, 2013

From Scratch to Four-star

A big round of applause goes to Doug Payne for taking the time to pull together this time-lapse video of the Rolex **** horse Running Order. The video starts with photos of RO just off the trailer (the end of a trip from Ireland), and follows is progression in training through the international level. RO was recently sold to William Fox-Pitt, I believe.

This video is not promotional, but educational. It's clearly a labor of love, and it's a gift to us.


  1. Now that was really neat! I enjoyed every minute. Very cool to see the "building" of an event horse. I'd love it Peter did something like this for Henny. :-)

  2. I love Doug Payne! He is such an asset to American Eventing. I'm not an eventer, but I love watching a team like this. It's sad that RO was sold, DP did such a great job with him. At least he can say that when RO does better that him at the events, that he 'built' that horse! LOVE IT!

  3. It was terribly sad when RO was sold (though if he had to leave Doug's hands, WFP is probably the best possible alternative) especially since he'd tried to get the money through a syndicate and just wasn't able to pull it together. However, on a brighter note DPE has done some fantastic things with social media and utilizing technology to 'bring eventing to the masses' so to speak.


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