Friday, February 8, 2013

Breeches on sale! My romp with Romfh

I love Romfh products. The fabric is especially nice; usually it feels stretchy and comfortable but still offers a little structure, so that you don't feel like you are wearing hose in public. The colors are unusual but not gaudy. I agonized about buying the breeches below when they were over $100. The color, raisin, is a cool taupe with a tinge of grey/rose. The contrasting pockets and loops are sharp. And (drumroll) I got them for under $30! The only downside is that they are 28R not 28L. Romfh tends to run a little long, thankfully. They fit well overall.

I got them Saturday, and I'm still gloating. Congratulate me!


  1. Love their stuff too!! I have several of the coolmax--or whatever it is--show shirts.

    Glad the length is OK. I have the same problem and usually need longs in regular breeches. Some brands, however seem fine. Good to know these run long to start off. Love the color!!

  2. What a steal! First the equileather boots, then the pants. You should be a personal shopper for horse people.

  3. Those are amazing!! I am looking forward to when I am riding enough to justify some new breeches. I need to shop at the same sales as you. That was a steal.


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